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What's a DIP??

If you've already been a DIP, then you know what it's like to be one of the in-crowd, one of the cool kids, part of the most popular clique around. If you are about to become a DIP, well be prepared to proudly wear one of the most exclusive titles in the world of cruising!

DIP = Dam Important Passenger, and with this advantage you will have elite access to all of the Giggle Dam functions, shows, gatherings and all around kookiness that only a DIP is allowed to experience onboard. Every passenger who books on our "Dam Cruise to LA, eh?" receives a DIP badge that will gain them access to all DAM events, but beware, other plain old "regular" passengers onboard have been known to try to bribe DIPS into handing over their DIP badges because they realize they are missing out on all the fun. Guard it with your life!

And once you become a DIP, all future DAM Cruises will offer privileges to you as a Double Dip, A Triple Dip, and beyond! For example….

Calling all Past DAM Cruisers!
DAM Cruise Front-Of-The-Line EXCLUSIVE for DIPS!

If you've already cruised with us, the first 150 DIPS that book the "DAM Cruise to LA, eh?" will receive a special invitation as a DOUBLE DIP to a private Cocktail Party with the DAM Cast & Crew in the beautiful Bliss Ultra Lounge equipped with the first Bowling Alley at sea!
You will also enjoy all Early Bird special promotions:

  • Reduced deposit of $250 per person
  • Giggle Dam gift cards valued at $100 for every stateroom booked
  • An entry in our draw for a $250 On Board Credit

And that's not all....


Book a “DAM Cruise Virgin" and you will be entered to win one of 50 pairs of tickets we are giving away to the GD Unplugged Show! GD Unplugged will be held in an intimate, private show lounge on board the ship and will feature Sheila, Brad and Cory performing an unplugged set of original and classic tunes. The GD Unplugged Show will be for “Book a DAM Cruise Virgin” contest winners only. It is so DAM exclusive, only 100 of our 550 DAM Cruisers will have this DAM experience.

For every confirmed DAM Cruise Virgin you refer, you will receive 2 entries in the draw and the DAM Cruise Virgin will receive one as well! It's easy to enter, just have your DAM Cruise Virgin enter your name on the booking form on the "Referred by: _____" line. So sacrifice those DAM Cruise Virgins’ people!

In Theatre promotion....

Don’t forget to wear your DIP Pass to receive your free shooter every time you attend a Giggle Dam show!


**Venues and events are subject to change at ship's discretion


Dam Cruise To

**Events and venues subject to change at ship's discretion

Los Angeles

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