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Spinnaker Lounge

Spinnaker Lounge cast

Meet & Mingle Party

Here in the Spinnaker Lounge we'll ALL gather together as soon as we're onboard for our "Meet & Mingle Party with The Dam Cast & Crew" to assess the group of dynamite DIPS with whom we'll be spending the next 5 DAM nights! The fun begins here where we start the festivities for the week and find out which fellow DIPS we'll be grouped with to compete against opposing DIP groups throughout the cruise!

The Very Dam Vague Event

We're also holding a top-secret, highly classified, super-surprise event in this Lounge that we have affectionately entitled "The Very Dam Vague Event". Pay attention, because we'll be dropping random clues and hints to see if anyone can guess the nature of the excellent event before we set sail!

Stardust Theatre

stardust theatre cast in costume

Giggle Dam Shows

The Giggle Dam Cast & Crew are in eager anticipation of performing TWO hilarious DAM shows in this stunning theatre!


Our hilarious All-Canadian tribute to The Great White North!

Ohhhh Canada!…A truly majestic melting pot of people, places and things full of legend and lore. Amazingly, there are many things 'Canadian' that have achieved iconic status throughout the world. Beavers, Bears, Beers, Canoes, Maple Syrup, RCMP, Hockey, Snow, Beer, Wheat, Igloos, Back Bacon, Salmon, Beer, Gooses, Mooses, Gretzky, Toques and Beer…AND this is just the start! Join the rampantly comedic cast of the Dam for a romp across Canada that you'll never forget!


This show is so exclusive, it only comes out of the DAM vault once a year! Laugh your heart out at this Celebrity Impersonations show that includes comedic pokes at some of the most famous performers of our time, such as Tom Jones, Shania Twain, Barry Manilow, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, Dean Martin, Cher, Elvis (of course) and many more!

Pool Deck

Pearl Poolgiggledam bandgiggledam band

The Great Canadian Deck Party

That's right, you read it correctly. We're having a pool deck party…with live music from The Giggle Dam Band! This "semi-private" event (I mean, we can't stop the other passengers from "watching and envying" us have a blast outside) is going to be a highlight of the trip. The Dam Cast will strap on their rockin' instruments and bring the deck to life with some of the best hit music from the past & present. On the off-chance the weather isn't hot, the entertainment will be, so take your toque, model your mittens, & pack your parka because in true Canadian fashion, we'll feel the heat as we dance the night away!


Summer Palace

Summer Palace – Location of DAM Farewell Dinner

DAM Farewell Dinner

One of the bonuses of sailing on the gorgeous Norwegian Pearl is that they offer anytime dining, which allows flexibility to eat on your own schedule, but we wanted to make sure we had at least one opportunity to break bread with every one of you DIPS (Dam Important Passengers) together at the same time. The ship has graciously reserved the entire dining room for us on the last night of our "Dam Trip to LA, eh?" so that we can have one final opportunity to fawn and farewell while we feed our faces with fabulous fare!

**Venues and events are subject to change at ship's discretion


Dam Cruise To

**Events and venues subject to change at ship's discretion

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